Wash Basin Designs Which Suit Your Bathroom

Aren’t bathrooms one of the most relaxing spaces in the house! When you want to de-stress, it is obvious to find solitude and peace in bathrooms. Hence, it becomes critical that the bathrooms are equipped with functional and aesthetic sanitaryware so that you love stepping into the bathroom. While renovating your bathroom or getting your bathroom done for your new house, it is essential to choose the right wash basins which match perfectly with your bathroom design.

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Well, selecting a wash basin depends on your requirement of its functionality, shape, size and your bathroom space. For larger bathrooms, one can go for double basins, whereas bathrooms with limited space may need smaller basins to avoid unnecessarily cluttering in the bathroom. So, here are the different types of basins for you to choose the right fit!

Wall mounted wash basins

The most common basins that you might encounter are the wall mounted basins. These basins, as their name suggests, are directly mounted on the wall with the help of brackets and screws. These are usually small and light weighted which can be positioned as per your choice. You can opt for a wall mounted basin when there is a space constraint. Some basins have a wider rim for you to keep a soap tray or a brush holder. Wall mounted wash basins are the easiest to install.

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Counter wash basins

These are the basins which are mounted on a countertop in the bathroom. The counter truly escalates the look and feel of the basins. Moreover, the countertop provides a lot of space to keep your daily toiletries. The basins can either be mounted over the counter or under the counter. Basins over the counter give the bathroom a spectacularly stylish and modern look, whereas the basins under the counter are very easy to clean as the spilled water can directly be wiped into the sink.

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Pedestal wash basins

These are conventionally small wash basins with a pedestal which hides the drain pipe. Pedestal wash basins vary in two ways, these can either be added to the wall mounted basins to make it look aesthetically pleasing or they can be bought as a single unit so that the basin and pedestal cannot be detached.

Semi-recessed wash basins

The look of these basins is amazingly modern. The basins are fitted in such a way that almost half of the basin protrudes out of the counter. This fitting is very useful when it comes to reaching the tap without being restricted by the countertop. And the best part, these basins are perfect for bathrooms with limited width and provide additional space of the countertop.

With all these choices at hand it is essential to choose the basin for your bathroom which perfectly fits your space. After all, basins are the focal point of any bathroom. If you are looking to remodel your bathroom, check out Happy Klo’s complete, hassle-free, one stop bathroom renovation solutions.


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