Meet Our Clients and Our Latest Success Story

Parvathy & Padmanabhan

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Our Challenges


1: The renovation was on the 5th Floor.

2: Any renovation work within the premises had to stop between 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm.

3: The clients were senior citizens and were heavily doubtful of the whole process.

           “My husband and I are senior citizens. We wished to get our bathrooms renovated but weren’t sure of the hassle and the complexities involved. HappyKlo solved all our worries. They ensured that the entire house was dust free and protected throughout the tenure of the renovation. We were thoroughly taken care of. We had no reasons to be worried or concerned after engaging with HappyKlo. We highly recommend HappyKlo to senior citizens and others who wish to get their bathrooms renovated.”

Our Clients: Parvathy & Padmanabhan

Senior citizens, Parvathy & Padmanabhan found it extremely challenging to use their old bathrooms that has slippery floors and clogged fixtures. When they decided to renovate their bathrooms, their highest concerns were that of dust, debri and date of completion.

At happy Klo, we ensured we not took care of their premises during renovation, but also made their bathrooms senior citizen friendly with appropriate choice of flooring and finishing details, fixture choices and also guard bars in strategic positions that was planned and fixed as per their anthropological needs.






Our Solution


1: Explained the whole process in detail to the senior citizens to help gain their confidence

2: Engaging them in the entire process of remodeling with approvals for every single stage.

 3: Delivering a renovated bathroom that not just had great finishing but also had all aspects of a senior citizen friendly bathroom.