Top 5 tips for a good bathroom design.

A more utilitarian space by nature, any bathroom, big or small has a basic set of requirements. How you go about addressing them contributes to a good bathroom. Follow these tips to build an efficient bathroom.


You might wonder what is so important about the layout of the bathroom. Let me explain. The three main components of the bathroom are the wash basin, the western water closet and the shower area. Of this, the wash basin and the closet fall under the dry area of the bathroom and the shower, the wet area. So, while planning the bathroom it is important to keep the dry and wet areas segregated. This will give a neater look while preventing water from splashing all over the floor.


An airy bathroom is a well-planned bathroom. A place which has the maximum usage of water combined with the foul odour generation, it is imperative that you have a good ventilation system for the bathroom. Along with this the ventilator also allows for natural light inside. So, the sizing should give you good ventilation and maximise the light without compromising the privacy. An exhaust fan will boost the ventilation inside. You can choose to fix it in a separate area or combine it with the ventilator itself.


The plumbing system is the back bone of any bathroom. A well laid out system will keep all your maintenance worries at bay. GI pipelines are outdated – they corrode over time. Opt for a cpvc piping system instead for longevity. Make sure you do the slope alignment and pressure test for all the plumbing lines. And let out all the muck from the main lines before you seal the system to ensure that there are no blockages.

Floor Slope

As small as it may sound, it is a very crucial component of the bathroom floor. Simply put, you will end up with a flooded bathroom if you don’t plan your slope well. Position your floor drain traps for the dry & wet areas and ensure that the flooring slope is given towards them. You can plan a floor drop from your room to your bathroom and one at the wet area. Combine it with a good water proofing under layer to keep your bathroom safe from any leakages.

Choice of fixtures & fittings

You may have a huge bathroom or you may have a tiny one. And you get really big wash basins and very compact ones too! While you may like a particular basin or a water closet, it is important to find the right fit for your bathroom. Fixing a big wash basin in a compact bathroom will make the space cramped whereas a tiny basin for a huge bathroom may give you an odd sense of space. Keep proportions in mind while choosing your fixtures and get the right sized ones for your bathroom.

Follow these 5 basic tips to make your bathroom highly efficient and fully functional.

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