Is your Bathroom sick? Take action now.

Research indicates that an average human being spends around 45 minutes in the restroom every day. We can’t but agree that these few minutes are “the getaway” for many of us from the daily absurdities that we face every day.

But, how much of your restroom have you observed? Have you given it a good look lately, because there are many signs that can be found in a bathroom suggesting that your bathroom is sick and may be needing good help.

Here are top 5 signs that are commonly seen in your bathroom that suggest its time to renovate yours

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Growth of mold/ fungus on wall and under counters

Mold/fungus in toilets are spotted initially as tiny black spots occurring randomly over the false ceiling surface, around the edges where your wash basin meets your basin counter or in any edge where two surfaces meet. To an untrained eye, these look insignificant and may seem like a stain that needs scrubbing before a wash. But in actual, the growth of mold indicates absence of ventilation, poor maintenance and most importantly a small continuous leakage in some internal pipeline. Some of these molds have a severe effect on our health as well. Bathrooms are notorious as a breeding ground for mold, and the longer you ignore it, the harder and more costly — it is to rid your home of its hazardous effects. These Molds grow rapidly over a few days into big patches and start to leave a distinct odor in your bathroom.

You have plaster peeling off, tiles falling off

The sky is not falling, but if bathroom tiles start dropping from the tub surround and hit you on the head, it could be nearly as catastrophic, even if you don’t suffer a concussion. Very often wall plaster above tiles also peels off, indicating severe water damage from inside out. This is usually common when two adjacent toilets share a common wall. Tiles that just drop off the wall might have been installed improperly, but chances are the wall behind them has already suffered from some water damage. Worse yet is when the studs are rotted and/or moisture-loving, wood-chomping insects like carpenter ants or termites have been dining on your walls. Then the fix involves tearing everything down to the studs and replacing the wall.

The toilet bowl doesn’t empty well

When the toilet bowl doesn’t empty, the first conclusion you jump to is that the toilet is blocked. This might not always be the case. It could also be due to low water pressure (depends on the diameter of the internal pipeline planned to fill the tank) causing the tank to only fill partially. They might also actually be starting in the toilet tank itself. The chain connecting the flapper to the handle might be too long, resulting in the flapper not lifting adequately to release the full supply of water.

Badly stained toilet bowl

You are doing your best and have tried all the commercial acid/non acid based cleaners, but seeing the sparkle on your EWC/basin never seems possible. The common causes of stains indicate that the closet has lived its life and its vitreous layering has worn out. Scrubbing and cleaning such closets and basins may worsen the surface.

The other main reasons for such stained closets are attributed to the quality and oxidization within the internal pipelines of the bathroom. Galvanized iron pipelines tend to rust and oxidize after several years of continuous use and these run into water imparting a red tinge to the inner lining of the commode.

These stains cannot be removed. Your closet and the internal lines may have to be reworked on. Present day commodes are versatile, with well tested and integrated surfaces that suit all water types and cleaners.

Bathroom ventilators

As small as it may seem, dirty, non-functional ventilators contribute to the rapid degeneration of a bathroom. In fact, a bad ventilator is the direct cause for the first two problems listed above.

Your toilet needs attention if a) The ventilator is inaccessible, b) Only 1/3rd of the ventilator opens up to allow fresh air in & the rest of it has fixed glass. c) Absence of an exhaust fan in a ventilator that opens into a plumbing service duct. d) Small Ventilator for a fairly large toilet.

Most toilet problems can be either prevented or resolved easily but if you know what to look for. You can ignore your bathroom only so long. If you are convinced that your bathroom is sick and needs help, do get in touch with us for a free consultation. At Happy Klo, we are committed to renovating sick bathrooms with precise planning, refreshing taste and at affordable pricing. A small renovation that can make a refreshing difference to 45 minutes of your everyday.

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