How to choose a bathroom renovation contractor

A bathroom renovation of your own choice can be one of the most fulfilling experiences amongst all home improvement projects. Finally! You are getting the bathroom that you have been experiencing in hotels. The results are immediately rewarding, your first step into the shimmering interiors is sure to ingress a feeling of luxury and open up a new passage to cherish your personal time. One of the most crucial decisions to make while renovating a bathroom is to choose the best contractor for the job. Here are some of the pointers you should consider

Ask for a referral

Nothing better than a friend’s advice. Look out for any of your peers who have already renovated their bathroom. It is very probable that they would have done a fair bit of research while renovating. Ask for the kind of experience they had with their contractors and if you should consider hiring them too. They can also provide you with other options which can make it easier for you to narrow down your list of contractors.

Interview at least three contractors

Reaching out to only one or two contractors can limit the possibilities of all the modern bathroom designs that are possible with your space. Find out which contractor best caters to your needs. Apart from the budget, review the standard of quality assured by the contractor.

Review previous work

Ask for a portfolio of the previous work done by the contractor. This way you can assess the quality of work, customer satisfaction and the degree of customization possible with the contractor. The objective here should be to figure out if the bathroom contractor does the kind of job that works for you.

Get a written estimate

Ask your contractor to jot down the estimated cost of the project. Verbal estimates can be hazy and possess a potential to change, getting a documented estimate can help you fine tune your budget better.

List out what the contractor will do

It is always a good idea to converse with your contractor about the things that will be done under the remodeling project. This is a great way to set the expectations and come to a mutual agreement.

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