Your New Get Away!

As we all adjust to the new normal post the lockdown, all of us have given up something or the other over the entire process, isn’t it? The most important thing that many of us have had to give up is our “Me time”. With the whole family cooped up inside the house all day, each of us are found with our own gadgets adjusting and communicating with the world around. Each member of the family occupies one room for themselves and this has become the new normal & will remain so for very many months to come. There is an overall lockdown fatigue that is setting in for there isn’t physical room for some mental space in our lives anymore. This fatigue is a direct consequence of a the lack of Me time, a cumulative result of all the small things we have had to give up.

Many of us miss the weekly “Me Time” – salon time or the therapeutic “Me Time” of retail shopping. Our daily walks and our varied hobbies that needed extensive use of outdoors. All this and many more, our weekly dining routine at our favorite restaurants, our visit to the malls or that weekly visit to the pub with a friend.

If there is someplace within our home that could give us that much needed mental space, it is our bathrooms. Research says we spend close to 45 minutes of our everyday in our bathrooms. This is for normal days. Considering we are all cooped up at home, we all must be spending close to an hour+ in the restroom every day.


So heres the thing. If you have a rundown bathroom at home, this is only going to add to your lockdown fatigue. Your experience and the maintenance of the rundown bathroom is costing your mental health dearly.

With more hours spent indoors and all family members using the bathroom for some “me time”, a quick renovation may just be the thing your family deserves. A new chic bathroom with a functional and airy aesthetic will surely help you start the day with a great experience. This will be your new Get away, a sacred physical room for our own mental peace.

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